William Hugh Ewen

Pioneer Scots Aviator Certificate No 63

The first flying Scots

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The first Scots to pass the brevet test and to receive a Royal Aeronautical Club Certificate are listed below:

No 13 Hon Alan Kelburn Boyle DoB 8 October 1886 Oakfield, Ayr.  Avis Monoplane Brooklands  14 June 1910

No 24 James George Weir       DoB 23 May 1887      Cambuslang.  Bleriot Monoplane Hendon     8 November 1910

No 45 Lt Reginald A Cammell   DoB 10 January 1886 Inverness      Bristol Biplane Salisbury Plain 3 December 1910

No56 Arthur Haynes Aitken      DoB 14 Dec1880        Helensburgh Bleriot Monoplane, Beaulieu  14 February 1911

No 63 William Hugh Ewen       DoB   1 Dec 1879        Shanghai     Bleriot Monoplane, Hendon   14 February 1911

FR 71 Capt Bertram Dickson    DoB   21 Dec 1873      Edinburgh    Farnham Biplane, Chalons     12 May 1910


There are many other claims to be the 1st Flying Scot and mention should be made of John Gordon of Leith Edinburgh, Preston Watson of Dundee and many more.   This site is dedicated to those Scots who were the pioneer airman and contributed to the growth and development of all aspects of aviation in this early years.

Harold Barnwell





Source Scotsman

Harold Barnwell is recognized as making the first powered flight in Scotland, near Stirling on the 28th May 1909, from a plane constructed at Causewayhead.  However he was born in London, albeit to a Scottish mother, and had moved to Scotland with his parents.

The first Scottish pilot to hold a Brevet, from France was Captain Bertram Dickson, who held Brevet No 71, but never qualified in the UK due to his untimely death following a mid air collision in Milan.

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