William Hugh Ewen

Pioneer Scots Aviator Certificate No 63

William Hugh Ewen


William Hugh Ewen was born in Shanghai on the 1st December 1879 of Scottish Missionary parents and this web site is under construction to celebrate the Centenary of his famous flight across the Firth of Forth on the 31st August 1911 just weeks after soloing under the tutelage at the  Louis Bleriot school.

Originally, I was told that he was the first Scotsman to fly, but after the release of the Certificates by the Royal Aeronautical Club, via the ancestry.co.uk website it became clear that he was the fifth, or sixth if you include Captain Bertram Dickson, who held the French Aero Club certificate no 71 prior to his untimely death on the 28th September 1913 after an air accident in Milan.   In September 1911, William Hugh Ewen was busy in Lanark preparing to open the Lanark Flying School before moving to Hendon near London.   He was instrumental in teaching many to fly before becoming a Lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps ion the 15th November 1915.   He transferred to the Royal Air Force on the 1st April 1918 in the rank of Major.   A famed organist and conductor, he composed the Zephyr Waltz.

He died in Edinburgh of cancer on the 26th November 1947.

I would like to thank my sister Sidnie for all her help, support   research and enthusiasm that helped so much in bringing this site alive.

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Capt William Hugh Ewen AOD